Sunday, April 15, 2012

Water and Rocks

This Sunday has been filled with practical things like studying for my French test but I took some time to reminisce about last Sunday's adventure when I took Highway 1 South down to photograph at Pigeon Point lighthouse and Pescadero State Beach. It was just before a storm was due to arrive and the tide was so high that there wasn't much beach to stand on but, luckily it wasn't too cold and I managed to get some good photographs. Take a look:


  1. These are great, Nina! Did you shoot these with film or a digital camera?
    Bonne chance sur l'épreuve de français!!

  2. Juliayn,

    Thank you! These were shot with my (relatively) new Fuji X100. It's a digital camera that functions a lot like a 35mm film camera and has great film simulation (you can even choose the brand of film you want it to imitate!).