Thursday, April 12, 2012

Intermediate Bookbinding: Week 5

Turns out my new nail color matches the spine of my round back book!

I'm running a week behind on the bookbinding posts; I hope to catch up over the weekend. Week 5 was last week and it was all about finishing and deconstructing. 

First, we had to finish our rounded spine books:
Not much left to do, just cover the front and back covers and paste down the end sheets inside.

First the spine cloth had to be trimmed back so that it was covering 'exactly' one fifth of the cover on both the front and back.

Grey cover cloth on. I don't have a picture to show but, the shirt I wore this day was the exact same color scheme (I didn't plan it, I swear!).

Then it was time to trim the fold overs on the inside covers so they would look even underneath the pasted down end sheets.

Tadaa! All done!

Once our first books were complete, it was time to disbind old books so we could prep them for re-sewing and re-binding:
I chose 2 small Shakespeares that I will bind as one volume.

After detaching the old covers, we had to coat the spines to loosen up the old glue.

Then you scrape the old glue off, yuck!

Mostly glue free signatures

There was a minor tragedy with this folio, when I separated the signatures, this folio tore. But don't worry, I was able to repair it this week (week 6).

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