Sunday, April 1, 2012

Intermediate Bookbinidng: Week 4

My classmates and I showed up early for class this week to practice our leather paring. After a few rough but better 'noodles', we put away our knives and the leather for the evening. We're still working on finishing the first book and it's going to be a half cloth (well all cloth but 2 different colors; half and half)book. The book still isn't finished but it's getting there.

Cords laced through super (the cloth over the spine)

The cords and super need to be trimmed so they look uniform once glued.

This is a sturdier structure and the boards get glued on before they're covered with cloth.

You stand the book up to make sure you put the boards on square. Despite the funny camera angle, my book is, in fact, pretty darn square.

Here a top view of the cloth covered spine. I find the hardest part about this structure is tucking the cloth on the head and tail of the book into the space between the spine and the book block but, after trying to work with leather, this time around, the tucking was pretty easy.

I used to have a hard time with corners too, but after a lot of practice, I'm getting pretty good at it.

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