Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A New Table Top

As I work more and more in my studio, it seems I need more surface space to work on. The other day, a new table was made from two sawhorses and an Ikea table top. 

Now, I don't like anything to be boring, and the dull black of the table was not working for me. So, with some paper, contact paper, a ruler, a pencil, and an X-Acto knife, I set to work 'redesigning' the top.

And voila, a fun new table top for my needs:

Monday, April 8, 2013

Gathering Sunsets

I've got an idea for a new book project which involves collecting sunsets...well, photos of sunsets, to be exact. It will be quite a while before the project is ready for the next steps but I thought I would share some of the first sunset images I took. 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Road from Ventura

As the fog rolled in this evening, reminding me of the rain storms scheduled for tomorrow, I felt myself reminiscing about the lovely, sunny drive home I had from Ventura a little over a week ago. 

I started off on Highway 101 North, but I decided to make the trek more scenic by taking CA Route 1 from just north of Ventura to Santa Barbara.

Then I picked up 101 North for a hot minute only to get off and take CA 154 through the beautiful San Marcos Pass for about 30 miles until it connects back with the 101.

(that's Santa Barbara way down there, by the ocean)

Then I was on the 101 until until sunset, when I connected with the routes closer to home in Oakland. It wasn't as easy to stop for photos on the 101 but I'm glad I had a leisurely beginning to my drive home, it's made it much more enjoyable.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Craftcation Contacts

One of the many great things about Craftcation was all the super awesome people I got to meet. Everywhere I turned there was a new friend, someone interested in learning about what I make and willing to share their own story. My notebook pockets were jam-packed with business cards and I thought I'd share some with you. 

I had the pleasure of having dinner with Lauren and Susan of Creative Outlet Studios one night. They are an awesome mother-daughter team with a new studio and workshop facility in Orange County. I can't wait for a good excuse to head down there and see the space (and maybe even teach a workshop or two!)

Trudy of The Quilters Studio was one of my eager students and she even let me test one of the Bernina sewing machines for it's paper sewing abilities (I later bought one!). Tiffany Han is an amazing life coach. If you're a crafter and in need direction/motivation, she's the person for you!

Matthew William was the photographer extraordinaire for the conference. Check out all his great shots of the event at matthewwilliamphotography.com. Marlo, of I Make Cute Stuff, was fun and knows her stuff when it comes to business planning and Etsy.

These lovely ladies were all involved in my first workshop. Annelies works at Attune Foods, my sponsor and an event sponsor. She is also a darn good food poet. Dawn of Thrilly Frills and Michelle E. Black ended up being folks I hung out with throughout the entire event. They're talented and I hope we stay in touch!

Kaitlin, or Stunningly Strange, stuck with me through many a panel discussion and the 80s Dance Party. She makes mixed media pieces and gorgeous dolls. She and her husband also recently opened a gallery in Edmonds, Washington. Anne of Crafty Diversions is super fun and even formed an impromptu knitting club with me a few other ladies one night. 

A lady with 2 business cards, now that's my kinda gal! These are from none other than Steph Cortes, of NerdJerk. Making geeks cool one by one, she's also got great ideas to help your Etsy shop flourish.

And now for these two charming folks! Julie, over at Rotten Cupcakes, is an enthusiastic and energetic graphic designer and knitter of brightly colored 'floppy berets'. Maggie Hannon is a fun, bookish person into crafting and many other things.

This collection of business cards is just a sampling of what I came home with and the folks I met. I'm sorry if you didn't make it into the post, I still love you, and feel free to contact me so I can include you in a future post.