Monday, February 20, 2012

Screenprinted Sea Foam

I've been enamored with the newest technique I've learned: screenprinting, but, not being that great at drawing, I've been disappointed by the images I've been making. Last week, determined to get a result I'd be happy with, I looked to my photographs for inspiration. As you know, I've been photographing the ocean recently, so I decided to isolate the sea foam from some of those photos using Photoshop and then, using Illustrator, turned it into digital negative I could use to expose my screens.

Below are the source photos I used and the resulting prints. Some folks have asked if I want to do layering or add more colors to the prints because they are simple but, to be honest, I'm quite happy with them as they are. Perhaps I am just in the honeymoon period and will change my mind in the future...

Sea foam source photo 1

Sea foam study 1 (photo of screenprint)

sea foam source photo 2

sea foam study 2 (photo of screenprint) --this one is my favorite, I think

sea foam source photo 3

sea foam study 3 (photo of screenprint) (I ran out of grey ink)

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