Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Night Ocean

In an attempt to challenge myself, last week I decided that I should start photographing the ocean at night. It forced me to let go of a lot of controls, like sharp focus, and also forced me to slow down (with 5-8 minute exposures) and think more about what I was doing. I'm still deciding exactly how I feel about this work but, I will definitely be going back out to the ocean at night. I think what I enjoyed most was the time I had to just watch and listen to the ocean. I was also able to marvel at the sight of the moon reflecting off of the waves before they broke, something I knew my camera wouldn't be able to capture, so it was truly all mine. Here are the photos from that first night excursion.

This was the first photo I made that night. It's under exposed but I'm still attached to it.

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