Thursday, February 23, 2012

Anniversary Bunting

Last week for Valentine's Day, my partner, Charlie, made me a delicious 4 course meal that included herb crusted goat cheese, quinoa mint salad, mushroom schnitzel, and Mississippi mud pie. For the anniversary of our first date, today, I wanted to make something special in return. I'm not really crafty in the kitchen but I'm good at making things so, I decided to make some bunting to hang above our bed. I woke up, popped my The Breakfast Club VHS (yes, VHS) in the VCR and put Ferris Bueller's Day Off in the DVD player as a back up and set to work. 

The finished piece(s) says 'I love you more than this much'. Here's what it took to put together.

Step 1: Making the hearts

Step 2: Drawing the letters

Step 3: Outline the letters

Step 4: Paint the letters

Step 5: Cut flags

Step 6: Glue hearts on flags

Step 7: Stitch pieces together

Step 8: Hang finished bunting

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