Tuesday, September 6, 2011

SF Zine Fest: Day 2

Annnie Yu of Curbsidetreasure and her zine, Paper Suitcase

I know this post is a couple days late but yesterday was my husband's birthday so I took some time off for those festivities before posting about the second awesome day of SF Zine Fest.

It was another successful day for me but I was also able to sneak away, check out and buy some of the goodies at other vendors' tables. Tonight I'm posting about all the awesome things I picked up.

This bike illustration was the first item I bought. It's by Brooke Appler and it had been calling to me since the day before. It's just so quaint and, well, I do love my bike.

At the end of the day I traded one of my bookmarks for this lovely one by Jennie Yim. She also makes great prints.

I shared a table with the ever energetic Yumico and I traded for this zine at the end of the day.

My table neighbor was Stephanie of NerdJerk. After spending 2 days in such close proximity, I really couldn't help loving her and her stuff. Besides this wicked awesome calculator phone case I also bought a Polaroid barrette and a crocheted Nintendo character for my little brother.

After staring them down from across the aisle, I finally caved and bought these bookmarks, zine and comic from the collective Crazy Apple Studios. So fun!

Just one table down from mine was Laurie Coughlin of Motomouth Press. I know Laurie from the San Francisco Center for the Book and I'm always charmed by her personality and her work. Instead of cards, this time I got this cute little donut book, D is for Donut.

Making Friends by Odd Fauna

Parade by Odd Fauna

Odd Fauna had many amazing things including beasts sculptures and shadow boxes. I had to contain myself and I left with just these two little accordion style books. They are adorably morbid and I love it!

I have a T-shirt obsession and I was hoping I might find a great one at SF Zine Fest. I was not let down when I stopped by the Monkey and Seal table and saw this great shirt combining two of my favorite things, unicorns and narwhals.

The Wind to My Sails by Jennifer Parks

Spread from They Met in a Dream

Unicorn puking a rainbow wallet

I was wishing I lived in Portland when I stopped by the Pony Club Gallery table. The illustrations for everything were fun and inspiring and the unicorn wallet was so amazing that my husband took it from me!

All in all, I had a great time at the SF Zine Fest and I can't wait to be back next year!

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