Friday, September 23, 2011

House of Stacks

Art in progress

I was reading my friend Pamela's blog, CappuccinoAndArtJournal, yesterday when I saw her post about stacks because of The Altered Page's 'call for stacks'. I was super excited, not only because other people have stacks of stuff but also because I share a two bedroom apartment with 2 other artists/collectors of stuff, and our apartment interior design motif is more or less defined by our stacks. That said, here are (some of) my stacks:

Art in progress, top view

Zine pages

Books to read/finish reading

More books and whatnot to read

Stuff to put away

Dirty dishes

Saturday night is often family game night for my husband, roommate and I

Books that don't fit on the shelf

More books that don't fit on the shelf


  1. All these pics are inspiring as they represent art and life about to happen. And I love the idea that you see 'stacks' as a decorating approach.

  2. Hi Nina! Lookin' good, my friend. I love seeing what everyone has stacked up.

  3. Your stacks look wonderful and really draw me in...perfect to live with other "stackers" and artists who get you too :)

    Stack on!

  4. Love your "stacks"!
    My two favorite are... the art in progress & your game shelf, what fun and inspiration :]
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Interesting stacks-and a true part of an artist's life!

  6. Wonderful stacks! Very cool indeed!!

  7. Your stacks make your home your own!

  8. Love your stacks. I laughed when I saw the stack of "stuff that needs put away". I have too many of those stacks !! lol.

  9. I love your stack of dirty dishes. I am still laughing over that stack! Looks like you have a lot of books to read, too. Wonderful stacks. Sorry I'm late getting here. I'm still trying to get through the very long list of stackers!

  10. i am slowly getting to see all the "stacks"....i can really relate to the kitchen, just like mine in a different colour scheme!