Saturday, September 3, 2011

SF Zine Fest, Day 1

neon sprinkles studio (that's me) half table

Today was the first day of SF Zine Fest and, I must say, it couldn't have been more amazing. I debuted there as neon sprinkles studio selling my artsy wares

Some of my cards and zines

Bookmarks made from paper scraps: fun and cheap!

The foot traffic was great and my sales were more than I had expected for my first time selling. I managed to make back my table fee! Customer feedback was encouraging as well and I can't wait to get back into the studio and make more stuff.

My mini journals

Though I didn't sell any today, my mini journals in their cute French basket from Daiso Japan, wound up being great attention grabbers, drawing in folks who ended up either buying something else or at least taking a business card. 

My neighbors across the way

Fellow vendors to the left

Fellow vendors to the right

I wasn't the only vendor, of course. I only managed to visit about half the vendor tables in the room I'm stationed in but everything was amazing. My fellow vendors were also super supportive, offering constructive feedback while being amazing craftspeople. There's inspiration a plenty at this event.

View from behind my table

While I mostly only saw the back of my own sales table today, I can't wait for Day 2 tomorrow and I hope I have a chance to sneak off and visit more of the vendors.

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