Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Home Improvements

Life has been pretty hectic since July and I feel like we never fully moved in to our new place. We've taken our past few days off to make a few improvements to our apartment. 

First, I organized our bookshelves. Including adding new sections for artists' books, zines, and comics.

The studio has been feeling pretty crowded so we moved my yellow reading chair into the living room,

right by the paper fire I created to make our walled up fire place feel nice and cozy.

Tired of the kittens constantly knocking over our piles of DVDs, we found some cheap, fun, wall mounted DVD racks at Ikea that balance the DVDs between each crossbar and the wall.

For inspiration in the mornings, and when entering my studio, I hung my newest artwork, from Courtney Cerruti, on the small wall across from the bedroom door, and right by the studio entrance.

In the studio we mounted some new shelves to help me organize. The shelves were repurposed from a kitchen cabinet our friends discarded when they renovated their kitchen. 

The overhead lighting in my art room is not very good, especially for detail work, so we installed a few new lights above the window that shine down directly on the work table. They are great! Now I feel like I can make work after dark, which is especially important since after work is my main art making time.

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