Thursday, March 22, 2012

TA Adventures

Stacks of paper, just waiting to become books

On Tuesday I had the honor of being the teaching assistant for a new SFCB instructor, Jaye Lee Fishel. Jaye was teaching the same workshop I have been teaching, Introduction to Bookbinding, but, it was nice to take a break and be a helper this time around. Plus, Jaye had a ton of little tips and tricks up her sleeve, things I had never thought of (like having students bind the handouts, instead of stapling them). Plus, being the TA gave me the chance to do something I can't do while teaching--take photos of what we were making.

Finished pamphlet stitch

Book from a single sheet of paper (maze book)

Accordion book in process

Here's Jaye teaching

Double signature book

Students making books

Triple dos a dos

Waxed linen thread

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  1. Love the photos, Nina -- you are tempting me to take a class......