Monday, July 20, 2015

Inventor Trading Card Book

Inventions, both outlandish and practical, along with their inventors, is one of the things Maker Faire is all about. It'd be difficult to sum up the fair in a single blog post but the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office booth has a fun way to showcase the importance of inventors: with trading cards!

I'm not an inventor myself, but the folks at the U.S. Patent Office booth won me over with the trading card set (free, by the way) they have of important/famous folks that had patents for inventions.

I loved the cards but had no idea what to do with them. While cleaning up some scraps around the studio, it came to me- make a book!

Since cards are individual sheets of paper and it was important to view the entire card, front and back, the loose leaf Coptic stitch was the way to go. It holds all the cards between two hard covers and allows the entirety of each card to be viewed with minimal destruction to the card itself.

The cover boards are wrapped with a cotton fabric that was not originally intended for bookbinding but which I starched myself with methyl cellulose for easier use. So, it was almost like I was an inventor too...

Did I mention all the cool people and things I got learn about while I made this book?!

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  1. Great idea -- make a book! And funny -- I was just wondering who the hell Luther Burbank was and there it is on your card! i think there is a teeny photo of you on my blog -- check it out.