Friday, July 17, 2015

A Morbid Cake

Now, while I'm not much of a cook-- my cooking adventures often end in flames-- I do enjoy getting my bake on from time to time. A few months ago (yes, I am behind on new posts, I know, I know) I had the chance to combine baking with my love of paper craft in a cake made for a friend. 

This friend is into many things strange and morbid and it seemed only fitting to make a graveyard cake. The gravestones were hand cut out of paper, hand lettered and then attached to toothpicks to top the cake. I even made a personalized 'not dead yet' gravestone (not pictured).

The cake was chocolate, resembling dirt once you cut into it. For an added layer (cake pun), I used strawberry preserves as a filling so things would seem a little 'bloody' while you were eating.

The cake was frosted with a simple cream cheese frosting which was easy to manipulate into a cemetery.

A bunch of graham cracker crumbs, cocoa powder, and a bit of edible gold glitter completed the look. Not your typical birthday cake but hey, it was fun to make and it tasted great!

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