Thursday, April 16, 2015


Let's just admit it, there is something incredible and fascinating about bones and skulls. One of the best special exhibits done by the California Academy of Sciences, in my opinion, was 2014's Skulls exhibit. In a super simplified summary, it was a large room filled with skulls and information about said skulls. It allowed insight on how the internal bone structure of animals directly relates to their functioning and needs as living beings. As you can imagine, I wanted nothing more than to photograph the exhibit, which is precisely what I did. There are a lot of photographs coming up and I'm not going to ruin it by being overly wordy, I am just going to let you look and enjoy. 
Note: To add a bit of drama, and also bring things down to more basic elements, which is what bone structure is, I've desaturated the photos so they are black and white. The images are scaled down and paired (in no particular order) to save a bit virtual space. Wishing they were larger? Well, maybe, just maybe, these will become a zine at some point in the future, most likely with more words. 

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