Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Road from Ventura

As the fog rolled in this evening, reminding me of the rain storms scheduled for tomorrow, I felt myself reminiscing about the lovely, sunny drive home I had from Ventura a little over a week ago. 

I started off on Highway 101 North, but I decided to make the trek more scenic by taking CA Route 1 from just north of Ventura to Santa Barbara.

Then I picked up 101 North for a hot minute only to get off and take CA 154 through the beautiful San Marcos Pass for about 30 miles until it connects back with the 101.

(that's Santa Barbara way down there, by the ocean)

Then I was on the 101 until until sunset, when I connected with the routes closer to home in Oakland. It wasn't as easy to stop for photos on the 101 but I'm glad I had a leisurely beginning to my drive home, it's made it much more enjoyable.

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