Monday, September 3, 2012

Views from SF ZineFest 2012

I had the honor of spending this weekend vending at the SF ZineFest. It was great, as usual, my fellow vendors were friendly and the visitors were wonderful. 

This year I had a full table, with a lot more items to sell, and I also lead a workshop so, I was pretty busy and hardly had a chance to leave my table. Here are some shots of the views I had from behind my table.

Of course, what I saw most was my own table and wares. I used some old books to display items this time around.

Vending to my left was Annie Yu of Curbside Treasure. I love Annie, and she makes great stationary sets and zines. Her bubbly personality makes her a great co-vendor throughout the long days.

Just across the aisle was Monstark. Their monster images are a bit disturbing while also being well executed and fun. Their wolf head was also a great conversation starter.

Of course, how could I could home without getting some zines for myself? I got a pretty large stack, stay tuned this month as I read through them all and review them.

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