Sunday, September 30, 2012

Domestic Project

Today was my first Sunday in a long while where I had absolutely nothing to do. So I decided to make curtains for the bedroom.

Our bedroom had curtains when we moved in but they were just your basic off-white color and, since we haven't hung a lot of artwork in the room yet, I felt like we needed to add some color and spice things up.

This wild fabric came from Ikea. It was from a set of ready-to-go curtains but, since we have 2 long windows and 1 short one in the bedroom (and kittens that like to climb curtains), I customized them a bit. 

I cut the curtains shorter so they wouldn't be floor length, and wouldn't collect so much dust. Then I ironed, and hemmed them on my sewing machine. Out of the scraps I was able to make another 2 short curtains for the window over the bed. The measuring was the hardest part, we don't have any table or floor space in the apartment large enough to spread out the curtains so I had to use 2 rulers and do it out on the back deck!

Ready to iron

TA DAA! Here are the 'after' shots of the bedroom:

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