Sunday, July 8, 2012

Studio Tour

My non-digital cameras on the work table, in easy reach should a photo present itself

I'm excited to share this round of images because, this past week I finally got my art making room set up. It may technically be a studio but I prefer 'art making room' because it really is more of a room (probably originally meant to be an office or child's bedroom) than a studio, which conjures up thoughts of a space where you can do whatever you want, make huge messes, have large equipment, etc. and my room is none of those things. If I ever want my security deposit back, I have to keep things relatively contained. Still, it's the first dedicated art making space I've ever had, and I'm happy to have it.

The view from my preferred spot at my work table (hopefully we'll have some plants and flowers in the yard soon, so the fence line is a little more comely)

There's this little nook in the room, and I have an 'arts and crafts books (instructions and zines)' book shelf

Some stuff on the work table (the light in this room is actually really good all day long, it's my exposure that was off- oops)

A drawer of tools and supplies with a bunch of collage material, magazines, and book making scraps organized on top (I spray painted the containers on the left)

I have precious little wall space that I want to save for hanging works in progress and the work of other artists I find inspiring, so I decided to hang my rulers between two of the windows

My reading/break chair, in the nook, surrounded by rolls of paper and other stuff

A little glimpse of downstairs and another box of collage material

As you can tell, I really like these wooden boxes I spray painted, mostly because of the spray paint

There is no closet in the room, 5 windows, and not much wall space, so I had to get creative about storing things. I got a bunch of these wooden boxes at Ikea. They are really hard to put together but handy.

My work in progress cube. Hopefully it'll continually rotate as I become a creating/art making monster!

The top of my art supply cabinet with my trusty sewing machine and some more of the wall cubes on the right

A better view of the cubes. I have Gocco printing supplies up top, paper in the middle, and books to collage with on top of the bottom most cube

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  1. One of the best features of your art-making room is that blue framed window outside. Somehow that pop of color with all that lush sunlight is creativity-inducing. Congrats on this room of your own.