Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Photos from a Busy Week

Between work, work events, apartment hunting, visiting friends, and studying for a French final, this past week has been very busy for me. Unfortunately, there hasn't been much time for blogging but here are some photos from last week.

I love lavender and lemonade and the folks at The Grove have combined the two for the perfect drink. I'm never disappointed when I'm to busy to eat a meal at home and eat here instead.

After a late work day Wednesday, I needed to relax so Charlie and I headed to the Sundance Kabuki to catch Dark Shadows--with plenty of time to stop at the theatre's bar for some drinks first, of course.

Saturday brought me to the Maker Faire for work where I helped man the San Francisco Center for the Book's letterpress printing and simple bookbinding booth (we won the Maker Faire Editor's Choice blue ribbon for our awesome demos!).

Sunday evening, on a much needed study break, my friend hooked me up with tickets to see Endgame and Play at the A.C.T. Theatre. Intense English dialogue was just what I needed after a day of studying French.

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