Saturday, January 21, 2012

Back to Lino

Classes have started up again, which means I'm spending my Saturdays in the printmaking studio at Fort Mason. I've been drawn to linoleum carving for a while so that is what I want to focus on this semester. 

 Given that my drawing skills aren't phenomenal, I've decided to try a new technique, tracing my photographs. This is the source photo for the linoleum block I was carving today.

The tracing, reversed and inked in with Sharpie on the lino block. Let me just say, those bricks are none to easy to carve out. After 6 hours hunched over the table, carving, I'm still not quite finished.

It was a very windy and somewhat rainy day today in San Francisco. I'm glad I got to work next to the radiator.

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