Saturday, November 5, 2011

September Issue Project

project supplies

I'm not quite sure why, but, every September I feel compelled to purchase the September issue of Vogue. I think it's partly because of the spectacle of it, partly because of the ridiculous-ness and partly because there are occasionally good photographs inside. Anyway, every year the volume sits around forever, I cut up parts of it for collaging and then recycle most of it. This year I wanted it to be different, so I set myself up on what is turning out to be a project as large as the magazine.

I decided to make postcards utilizing every page of the issue, cutting them up, collaging them and seeing the magic, and craziness that happens when components of the magazine are taken out of context. 

Each postcard has the title of the project image transferred on the back and all postcards are numbered.

To be honest, I haven't even reached the Table of Contents yet, but by Thursday I had quite a large stack so I mailed some. Below is a sampling of the postcards that I sent.

Would you like a postcard in your mailbox? Send your snail mail address to me at

me, ready to head to the corner mailbox in the rain


  1. Hey Nina
    Chanchal here
    Loved your blog, super cool. Loved the September Vogue project. Being a fashion student, that project was more appealing to me. Awesome!! Keep up the good work. Love it!! :)