Sunday, June 12, 2011

Letterpressed Bookmarks

Last night I grabbed a stack of paper out of my scrap paper box, cut it down to a decent bookmark size, raided the ornaments and wood type drawers at the San Francisco Center for the Book and set to work on a table top platen press. After 5 hours of printing I had made several hundred bookmarks; here are the results:
Androgynous bookmarks. I started with these fun, double sided bookmarks. They were inspired by boy/girl, his/hers earrings my sister-in-law made me a couple of winters ago.

Literal Bookmarks:
Next I decided to deconstruct the meaning of a bookmark. It's really just an object that holds your place in a book and reminds you of the page you were last reading. Bookmarks with pretty pictures or quotes distract you from actually reading a book. So I made these bookmarks with nothing extravagant. They're meant to mark your place in a book and then set aside so you can get to the task at hand: reading a book. 

All bookmarks are editioned on several colors of paper.

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