Saturday, June 25, 2011

First Venture Into Mail Art

my second 'official' piece of mail art

On Wednesday I went to my first Correspondence Co-op meeting. This is a new group for mail artists and mail enthusiasts. The monthly meetings are filled with tasty treats, chatter and discussion of all things snail mail related. 
some mail art supplies brought to the meeting (not mine)

Growing up, I was always the nerd that loved writing to people and having pen pals, though it always seemed my pen pals were not quite as enthusiastic as I was and eventually we fell out of touch. I've always loved receiving mail but I never really gave it much thought until the book release for Good Mail Day was held at my job. The authors, Jennie Hinchcliff and Carolee Wheeler, are delightful people and the book is chock full information about what mail art is and great ideas to get you started making your own. 
some more mail art supplies at the meeting (also not mine)

I was ecstatic when Jennie said I could join the co-op. I love making things and having an outlet for my art. This is art I can make and immediately send out into the world. It can be thought out or quick and random. The possibilities seem limitless and, given that I'm a person who is interested in so many things, this is wonderful. 
two postcards made at the meeting by Annie Yu

Everyone at the meeting was nice and willing to share stories and information as well as supplies. Given that I only knew one or two people, I was rather timid and didn't do any making myself but instead photographed others' work and supplies (images above). Once I got home, I was so excited I began creating myself and this morning I sent out my second postcard (I'll be making more as soon as I find some time and some more addresses). Images of my first two pieces are below.

My first piece:
back    front

My second piece
Through the Looking Glass chessboard postcard


  1. Nina -- it was so great to see you at the Co-op, and I'm so stoked that you took photos as well! I never get much of a chance to take any snaps...

    Thanks for giving "Good Mail Day" a shout out; it's greatly appreciated. We'll see you at next month's Co-op, yes? And remember: mail art loves you! :-)

  2. Yes, welcome to the group and to mail art. It's so much fun to make and receive.