Sunday, November 4, 2012

Bookmaking with Karen Hanmer

Three book blocks, waiting to be finished

Last weekend I was lucky enough to take two bookmaking workshops with book artist Karen Hanmer, who was visiting the San Francisco Center for the Book from Chicago. Not only is Karen a great instructor and book artist, she's also funny and loves Star Trek and who doesn't love someone that can compare binding to Star Trek?

Drum leaf binding
Link stitch binding with sewn on boards

In the first workshop we made three books: a drum leaf binding, which requires no sewing, and two link stitched books with sewn boards. We also got to learn and experiment with edge decorating.

In the second workshop we learned the pyramid book structure, which is just amazing. It can be viewed page by page like a 'normal' book, or flat (it's double sided), or it can be stood up in a number of different ways to be viewed in a more sculptural manner. 

A pyramid book starts with a triangle

After my practice book, I decided to make a pyramid book out of wrapping paper with skeletons on one side and a map of the world on the other. I didn't cut all my paper at the right angle so the pages on this book don't line up perfectly but, it's just the first one of many pyramid books I'll be making in the future.

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