Monday, August 8, 2011

Vintage Yard Sale Finds

I recently discovered that,like myself, my friend Vanessa loves all things vintage,so I was thrilled to find out she was having a yard sale. Admittedly, I was lazy and slept through the beginning of the sale, missing out on some treasure. I made it over before noon and was able to find some gems.
I think my favorite items are these old books. I clearly have an obsession with books and thought these were amazing. There's Life Long Ago which I was initially drawn to because of the Stegosaurus on the cover but found out it contains some great old fossil photos and drawings, a Victorian interior design book, one volume of the 13th edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica and a Prentice-Hall World Atlas. Besides looking through these books for inspiration, I'm thinking they will be great to use in collages and mail art projects, though it still makes me a little queasy to think about cutting them up.

I also found some nice clothes, like this pink, bracelet sleeved jacket. I thought it might be too tight but ended up being a perfect fit.

I have been trying to get more into dresses of late. If they come below the knee, they are not too short to bike in and they can be more comfortable than skinny jeans. Plus, I thought I should at least start looking more like a grown-up, even if I don't act like one. The green patterned dress on the bottom is perfect straight off the hanger. I need a slip for the one on the top but, with the plethora of vintage shops in San Francisco, I should be able to find something that works.

And lastly, the one item I got that I actually needed: this awesome 3-way lamp. I have been meaning to replace the falling apart floor lamp in the bedroom so I was delighted to find this bright and stylish one. 

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  1. Oh boy....wish I went to Vanessa's sale! Those books look amazing. I always buy old ones like that to cut up for collages but then I have trouble actually tearing them up too....
    The clothes look great too!